Troubleshooting Guide: LG TV Voice Recognition Not Working

Have you ever faced voice recognition problems with LG TV ? Many times we give a command on TV and are not able to recognize it, or the TV automatically takes some action due to the unknown sound. When we try to control our TV with our voice and our voice is not Recognized, then it can put us into some frustrating experiences. We often hope that it will Recognize our voice correctly and Recognize our command. It’s very normal to face this problem with LG TV users. Here we will focus on the reason for these problems.

Why Is LG Tv Voice Recognition not Working ?

Here are few reasons due to which LG Tv voice recognition function can stop working :

  • Reset voice command: Often, recognition problems may occur in LG TVs even after setting the sound. to fix it, You have to go to the TV menu and You may need to explore options such as “voice command settings” or “voice cognition” From here, you can reset the volume And you can select the appropriate language.
  • Check microphone status: Sometimes there may be a problem with the microphone of the LG TV, due to which the voice cannot be recognized properly. For this, you should check the condition of the TV’s microphone, and clean or replace it if necessary.
  • Check for Software Updates: Many times, voice recognition issues can be resolved through software updates to the TV. LG has provided solutions to many problems through the latest software updates, so check for updates regularly and apply them to your TV.
  • Check echo of other devices: Sometimes, other devices such as a smart box, sound bar , or home theater system can also affect the TV’s voice recognition. Check the resonance of these devices regularly and ensure that they are working properly.

LG TV Voice Not Working: Quick Fixes

Here are some quick fixes which can help when lg tv is unable to recognized voice command

Turn on Voice Response Function

sometimes people forget to turn on the voice recognition function, due to which lg tv fails in recognizing voice command. You can follow the steps below to turn on voice this option from the setting :

  1. Select setting button
  1. Select general button
  1. AI services
  1. Select Voice Recognization
  1. On Voice Response if it is set to off’

Change Supported Language of Google Assistant

While you are trying to use Google Assistant, if you are facing various issues make and it does not work when you press Google Assistant button on your LG magic Remote, then make sure that your LG Smart TV is connected to the internet and if you are getting this error that says this function is not available, then we need to check if we have supported language.  

Switching Google Assistant Language: A Step-by-Step Guide :

  1. Open setting
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to System
  4. Go to language
  5. Need to choose menu language

We need to choose ones that support Google Assistant. You can check by hovering over and on the right you will see if it supports or not. We need to select a language that supports this voice command and then “press yes” and refresh 

After pressing Google Assistant, which may bring up the user agreement, then we need to check voice information and then select agree and this will take us to Google assistant setup. You need to select “I understand” and then press “Allow”  and after you scan the QR code and log in, it will show on your T that you are signed in, and now you can use your Google Assistant and the issue will be fixed.

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Reset Your Lg Tv to Factory Settings

If lg tv is still unable to recognized voice command then you can try factory reset. factory reset will erase any custom setting, apps data and restore your tv settings to factory version. follow the steps below to factory reset your lg tv :

  1. Press setting button
  2. Select all setting
  3. Now Select General
  4. Now click Reset to Initial setting.

If you have followed all the steps, and you have the same problems, then there will be some technical problems. I would suggest taking your TV to a technician.

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Contact LG Customer Service

If you are still facing issues related to voice recognition on lg tv then contact lg customer service.

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