Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku TV

Netflix is not working on Roku TV. This can be a common problem, but finding a solution can sometimes be a little tricky. Here, we will walk you through some simple solutions to fix Netflix not working on Roku TV problem. Before we get started, we should make sure that your Internet connection is correct and that your Roku TV is updated. So let’s go ahead and get Netflix working on Roku TV again.

Why is Netflix Not Working on Roku TV?

There can be several reasons why Netflix is not working on Roku TV. These could be some common reasons:

  • Internet Connection Problem: Sometimes Netflix may not work due to irregular internet connection.
  • Roku TV Software Issues: If the Roku TV’s software is not updated, it may conflict with Netflix.
  • Multiple users or devices issue: If you have more users or devices using them at the same time, Netflix may not work.
  • Netflix Account Problem: Sometimes there may be a problem with your Netflix account, causing Netflix not to work on Roku TV.

To solve these problems, we will give you some suggestions that may help you.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku TV

If your Roku TV Netflix app is not working, and it’s not opening how many times you tap on it, and also it opens but stuck in logo screen and keeps retrying connection for no reason then it’s an easy way to fix it.

Recycle power cycle

For this you need to 

  • Unplug the TV from the power source
unplug tv from power source
unplug tv from power source
  • Wait for 5 minutes 
  • Press the power button for about 30 seconds.
Press the power button for about 30 seconds.
  • Plug your TV back into a power source
Plug your TV back

After that, you can try launching Netflix. Hope this will fix your problem. If not, then try next method.

Reset Network connection

  • Restart your router
  • Go to Roku settings
  • Go to system
  • Go down to advanced system settings
  • Select Network connection reset
  • Reset Network connection
Reset Network connection

After reset, your TV will restart, then connect back to Wi-Fi and after that your Netflix should start working. If you are still facing this issue, then it may be is due to an incorrect time and date.

Check Time & date

For this you need to 

  • Go to settings 
  • Go to system
  • Go to Time
  • Select time zone
  • Set automatically 
Check Time & date

Reinstall Netflix App on Roku TV

If you have followed all the steps, and you still have the same problem, then you have to reinstall the Netflix app on your Roku TV for that.

  • Highlight the Netflix app 
Highlight the Netflix app 
  • Press the option button on your remote to open the menu.
  • Select remove channel
Select remove channel
  • Confirm it 

It will uninstall the Netflix app

Then just install it back and your Netflix app will be working just like before, so that’s how you can fix your Netflix app on your Roku TV.

Also check for

Contact Roku Customer Service

if you followed all the steps and still you are having the same problem then it would be some technical issue on your Roku TV for this you need to contact Roku TV customer support.

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