Fix Samsung Smart TV Turning ON and OFF Repeatedly by Itself

Your Samsung Smart TV turning on and off frequently is a widespread problem that many people are facing. This problem is common: any time the TV turns on and off repeatedly, more distractions can occur over time. In such a situation, the user is not able to use the TV properly and cannot get a good experience.

To resolve this issue, first make sure that all connections to the TV are properly wired and that there are no rogue electronic devices. Then update the TV’s software, which may include the latest fixes and solutions. If this problem still persists, contact a service center and have them check the TV.

This issue of Samsung Smart TV turning on and off automatically can cause trouble for users, but you can fix Samsung smart TV turning on and off repeatedly by Itself issue.

By following the below solutions.

Why is Samsung Smart TV Turning ON and OFF Repeatedly by Itself?

A Samsung Smart TV that is turning itself on and off repeatedly could have several causes. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Software problem: There may be a glitch in the TV’s software that causes the TV to restart repeatedly.
  2. Unintended or faulty remote: Sometimes, unprogrammed or unprogrammed remote buttons or the functionality of other electronic devices may cause the TV to turn on and off repeatedly.
  3. Interference from external sources: Sometimes, interference from a malicious connection or application may cause the TV to automatically turn off.
  4. Electrical or power issues: Inadequate electrical transmission or a power plant problem can also cause the TV to turn on and off frequently.
  5. Hardware problem: An unexpected hardware problem may also cause the TV to turn itself off and on again.

Apart from these reasons, there can be other reasons also, to detect which TV requires detailed investigation.

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How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Turning ON and OFF Repeatedly by Itself

If your Samsung smart TV is turned on and by itself or turns off automatically, then follow these steps for a quick solution to this. 

Soft Reset 

First thing you have to do is simply 

  • Unplug your TV from the wall socket 
  • Wait for 60 seconds 
  • Plug it back 
unplug tv from wall socket
unplug tv from wall socket

In most cases, this will solve your problem. If it doesn’t fix your problem, then follow next steps.

Check the Power Cord and Outlet

Let’s try a quick solution. 

  • Check the cable connection to make sure the power cord is not damaged. 
  • Unplug it from the TV while the TV is still turned on. 
  • Clear the cable and then plug it back. 
clear power cable

This can fix software glitches if you are using an extension cord, then use a wall socket because low power supply is a common reason for your TV keeps turning on off suddenly.

Change Power and Energy Saving

If your problem still persists, then check the power settings, so first.

  • Open the menu 
  • Go to settings
  • Open all settings 
  • Go to general and privacy 
  • Open power and energy saving
  • Turn off auto power saving 
  • Also, turn off the auto power off. 
Change Power and Energy Saving

Change External Device Settings

If you have any external devices such as a console soundbar or TV box connected to your Samsung TV through the HDMI port, they can cause your TV to wake up. This can happen if you have any net plus enabled, so first

  • Open settings 
  • Open all settings 
  • Go to connection 
  • Select external device manager 
  • Disable AnyNet plus
Disable AnyNet plus

If your TV rapidly turns on and off, and you can’t even follow these steps, then there may be a hardware issue, and you should talk with Samsung support.

Contact Samsung TV Customer Support

if you have followed all steps and still getting same issue or you are facing any issue with following these steps then you can contact Samsung TV Customer Support.

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