Fix Sony Bravia Turning ON and OFF Automatically by Itself

Sony Bravia turning on and off automatically by itself. This issue is a common problem for many Sony Bravia users. This expresses your concern as to why your television turns on and off by itself. Due to which, your experience can be disrupted. This problem can occur for several reasons, such as auto turn-on and turn-off settings at specified times, adjustments not made to specified levels, or update or software related issues. We will understand the major causes of this problem and also provide you with some tips to deal with it. Here we will give you the solutions to fix Sony bravia turning on and off automatically by itself.

Why is Sony Bravia Turning ON and OFF Automatically by Itself?

There can be many reasons why the Sony Bravia turns on and off by itself. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. TV power button fault: Sometimes, the TV power button is at fault, which can cause the TV to automatically turn on and off.
  2. Due to other equipment: Sometimes, the TV may automatically turn off with you when operated jointly with other equipment.
  3. Irregular power supply: Irregular power supply may also cause the TV to turn on and off automatically.
  4. Idle timer setting: The TV may turn off automatically if an idle timer is set.

Apart from all these reasons, if the issue persists, it would be best that you contact an experienced technician who can help you fix the problem.

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How to Fix Sony Bravia Turning ON and OFF Automatically by Itself

If your Sony bravia smart TV automatically turning on and off by itself, then don’t panic. Throughout this entire article I will tell you three different ways to fix your problem.

Turn off “on Timer” and “Sleep timer” settings

To turn off the timer and sleep timer setting, you need to grab your remote and first thing you have to do is check out your setting. 

on timer settings
  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the system settings. 
  • Go down to clock and timer.
  • Select on Timer.
  • Press OK.
  • If on Timer is on, turn it off.
on timer off

From here, go to the last one. If you see that the sleep timer is turned on, you need to turn this option off. 

sleep timer off

After doing this, check your problem. Hope this will fix your problem, but if not, follow the next process.

Turn off Bravia Sync Control

  • Navigate the settings.
  • Go to External inputs.
  • Go down to Bravia Sync settings.
  • Press OK.
  • Turn it off.
turn off bravia sync control

Now, once again, check your problem. Hopefully, this will resolve your problem, but if, in any case, you are still having the same problem, this is a time to do a factory reset on your Sony bravia smart TV.

Factory Reset on Sony Bravia

Factory reset will erase all the information that you have included on your TV, so now, to do that. 

  • Navigate the settings.
  • Go to system settings.
  • Go down to General Set-up.
  • Go down to the factory settings.
  • Select and press yes.
factory reset on Sony bravia

It will take some time after this. I hope your problem will be fixed if you are still facing the same issue. Now it’s time to contact a professional technician or Sony TV customer support.

Contact Sony TV Customer Support

if you followed all the steps and you are still having same problem on your Sony bravia TV then contact Sony TV customer support.


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