Fixing the LG TV Black Screen: A Simple Guide

If you are experiencing a black screen issue on your LG LV, then we have quick fixes for this issue. LG TV is an excellent device that provides us with various entertainment and information as well as high quality reality. But sometimes we may encounter undiagnosed problems with LG TV, such as the ‘black screen’ issue. This may happen suddenly and irritate the audience. In this blog, we will provide you with information about various solutions on how to fix the LG TV black screen issue. This will help you easily troubleshoot your LG TV and make your video experience enjoyable again.

Common Reasons for Your LG TV Black Screen Issue

Here are the causes of a black screen issue on an LG TV:

Cable Issues

LG TV black screen issue can occur when there is a short in the cables or due to a faulty cable or a loose cable, the screen may go black.

Power issue

This problem can occur due to any type of fault in the power supply of the TV, then the screen may go black.

Software glitches

Sometimes this problem can also occur due to software problems. Update the firmware software on your LG TV to fix the issue.


 sometimes this issue can occur due to TV overheating. It can cause the lg TV screen to go black, then make sure if the TV is in a closed cabinet, then remove it.

Backlight issue

Failure or malfunction of the backlight may cause the TV screen to go black.

How to Fix LG TV Black screen

Here are some easy steps for your LG TV black screen issue you can easily resolve this issue by following these steps:

Power Reset 


  • turn off your LG TV.
  • unplug it from the power source.
  • Wait about a minute before plugging it back in and turning it on.

This simple power reset often fixes minor software glitches. hope this will fix black screen problem on your LG TV. if this doesn’t work, then follow next step.

Check your connections 

Check the HDMI or any other cable connected to your LG TV. Ensure it is securely plugged in and undamaged. Otherwise, try using a different cable or connecting to a different port to rule out any hardware issues.

Disconnect HDMI

Adjust Picture Settings

If you are still seeing your TV black? 

  • Navigate TV Picture Setting 
  • Look for the Energy Saving option 
  • Make sure it set to off .

This feature can sometimes darken the screen to save power.

Update Your LG TV Software

Make sure your TV software is up-to-date. An outdated software version can cause lg black screen issue. To check the updates 

  • Go to Settings 
  • All Settings 
  • General 
  • About This TV 
  • Check for Updates 

If an update is available, your TV will download and install it.

Also check for

Factory reset to your TV 

If you can access the settings by pressing setting button on your LG TV then you can try factory resetting your TV. This will erase all TV settings, and they return to their original state. To reset your TV 

  • Press the setting button on your remote
  • Select all Settings
  • Select General
  • Reset to Initial Settings 
  • Select confirm            
  • Enter password 

Contact LG TV Customer Support

If you followed all the steps and your LG TV screen is still black, then it’s time to contact LG TV customer support. There might be more serious hardware issues.

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