How to Fix Hisense TV Stuck in Store Mode

Lately, many Hisense TV users have been experiencing a common problem – they often find their TV stuck in “Store Mode”. This problem can occur for a variety of reasons, including setting the TV for business use, incorrect remote control pressure, technical glitches, update failure, or system issues. This problem puts users in trouble as they are unable to change their TV to their preferred settings. In this article, we will look at the causes of this problem and consider possible solutions to fix Hisense TV stuck in store mode issue. Furthermore, we will understand the process of how to take the TV out of Store Mode. If this problem persists for a longer period of time, appropriate technical support may be contacted.

Why is Hisense TV Stuck in Store Mode?

There can be many reasons why Hisense TV gets stuck in store mode. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Incorrect Settings: Store mode may have been turned on accidentally in the TV’s settings.
  • Software Update: Store mode may be activated during or after a software update.
  • Factory Reset: Store mode may be activated in the default mode after factory resetting the TV.
  • Demo mode: The TV must be designed for display in a showroom and must not be taken out of demo mode while using it at home.
  • System error: There may be a technical glitch in the TV’s software that is causing it to get stuck in store mode.
  • Remote control problem: The button on the remote control getting stuck or not working properly can also be a reason.
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How to Fix Hisense TV Stuck in Store Mode

Are you experiencing your Hisense TV stuck in demo mode? Here I will tell you how you can turn off shop or demo mode as fast as possible.

Turn off Retail Mode

  • Go to the setting
  • Select Device preferences
  • Select retail mode
  • Press and select continue
  • Select off
Turn off Retail mode

Now your Hisense smart tv no longer in the retail mode, and you won’t see this issue anymore.

For Hisense VIDAA Smart TV

  • Press the Menu button
  • Go down and select Home Mode
  • Press confirm to disable store mode
disable store mode

If this doesn’t work, then

  • Go to setting
  • Go to system
  • Select Advance settings
  • Select usage mode
  • Switch to home mode
Switch to home mode

And now you can fix your Hisense tv stuck in store mode problem.

Contact Hisense TV Customer Support

if you are still getting same issue on your Hisense TV then you can contact Hisense tv customer support.

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