How to Fix Roku TV Lost All Antenna Channels

Is your Roku TV losing all antenna channels? This is a common problem that many users face. When the Roku device does not display the antenna’s channels, it can cause problems for the users. This problem can occur due to many reasons, such as incompatible antenna settings, network related issues, or news programs not being updated. Here, we will discuss some simple and effective solutions to solve this problem. Let us know how to fix Roku TV lost all antenna channels problem.

Why has Your Roku TV Lost All Antenna Channels?

There can be many reasons for the Roku TV antenna to lose channels. Here are some main reasons:

  1. Incorrect antenna settings: If your Roku TV’s antenna settings are not correct, it may not display channels.
  2. Network related issues: Sometimes there are network related issues that can affect the antenna signal and cause channels to be lost.
  3. Failure to update news programs: Many times, the reason for losing antenna channels may be due to news programs not being updated.

It is important to be vigilant regarding all of these reasons so that you can enjoy spending more time on your Roku TV.

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Roku TV Lost All Antenna Channels: Solution

So it’s a very simple process to scan all channels through live TV. You can go into your apps area, and you might find something that says live TV. 

Live tv
  • Select live TV 
  • Scan for Antenna channels 
  • Start finding channels 
scan channels

If this doesn’t work, then 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Select TV inputs 
  • Go to Live TV
  • Go to Manage channels 
  • Select Hide streaming channels
Hide streaming channels

I hope this will fix your problem, and you will get all your channels back.

Factory Reset on Roku TV

If your issue is not fixed, then you can try factory resetting your Roku TV, for that. 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Go to Systems 
  • Go to Advanced system settings 
  • Select Factory Reset
Factory Reset on Roku TV

Enter the code and select start factory reset. Hopefully, this will fix your problem, but if not, then it’s time to contact Roku TV customer support.

Contact Roku Customer Support

If you are still facing same issue on your Roku TV and you didn’t get back your all channels then you need to contact Roku customer support.

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