How to Fix TCL TV Stuck in Headphone Mode

Is your TCL TV stuck in headphone mode? This is a common problem that many users face. Being stuck in headphone mode may affect the TV’s ability to provide sound, causing discomfort for users. This blog will provide you with guidance on understanding how to fix TCL Tv stuck in headphone mode. Here we will understand the all the reasons behind this issue and discuss ways to resolve them.

Why My TCL TV Stuck in Headphone Mode

Here are some possible reasons why a TCL TV may get stuck in headphone mode:

  • Faulty Compatibility: sometimes, the headphones or other compatibility used with the TV may have an error, causing them to get stuck in headphone mode.
  • Software Glitch: make sure that you have downloaded latest version of software because sometimes software bugs can cause for your TCL TV stuck in headphone mode.
  • User errors: sometimes, the user may mistakenly select the headphone port as the channel input, which may lock the TV into headphone mode.
  • Hardware issue: Sometimes, this problem can also be caused by a hardware error, such as a pressure or other physical error in the headphone port.

Apart from these reasons, there may be many more, but these may be some of the main reasons.

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How to Fix TCL TV Stuck in Headphone Mode

If your TCL TV  stuck on headphone mode, and you are not getting sound from your TV speakers, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Unplug the Roku device from power
  • wait for 5–10 minutes
  • then connect the Roku tv back to power.

Performance system restart

go to setting >system>power and system restart

Check the headphone jack

Ensure that the headphone jack is not stuck or damaged. If it is, try cleaning it or replacing it.

    How to Remove Bluetooth Headphones or Earphones if Your TCL TV Stuck in Headphone Mode:

    Here are some steps for remove Bluetooth headphones or earphones from the TV.

    1. Go to setting
    TCL TV Stuck in Headphone Mode
    1. Select remote and accessories
    1. Select your Bluetooth device and disconnect it.  

    Check the Audio Setting

    1. Go to setting
    2. Go to audio
    3. Go to audio mode
    4. Select TV speaker

    Contact TCL Customer Support

    if the issue persists, consider contacting TCL support for further assistance. Remember to provide detailed information about your TCL TV model, software version, and any other relevant details when seeking help from TCL support.

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