How to Reset Sony TV

In today’s technological age, TV has become an integral part of our lives, providing entertainment, information and learning needs. So if we have a problem with our TV, it can be satisfying. Especially with the Sony TV, the simple steps to repair can be useful for fixing even minor issues.

In this blog, we will provide you with details on the easiest way to Reset Sony TV. This method can help you restore your TV to the default settings, which can improve your TV’s performance and fix issues. Here we will share the steps for this process, so that you can easily reset your Sony TV and enjoy enjoyable viewing again.

 Why Reset Your Sony TV?

  1. Fix software bugs: From time to time, TV-related problems may arise due to errors or bugs in the software. A reset can fix these problems, as it returns the TV to its original state. 
  2. Performance improvement: With prolonged use, the TV’s functionality may become erratic, such as slow performance or invisible errors. Once reconfigured, you can improve the performance of the TV.
  3. Troubleshooting Network Problems: Sometimes there can be problems with the internet connectivity to the TV. When you perform a reset, you can fix network issues. 
  4. Reset default settings: After resetting the TV, you can go back to its original settings, which should work normally and smoothly.

Thus, resetting a Sony TV can be an important step that can help you improve TV performance and resolve technical issues.

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How to Factory Reset your Sony TV

Reboot or Soft Reset :

How to Reset Sony TV

You can do this by either holding the power button for 5–10 seconds, or unplugging the TV for 1 minute and plugging it back in. This option is like a quick restart, but make sure that your TV has been switched off rather than put on standby.

Factory Reset in Settings:

  1. Press home button 
  2. Navigate settings 
  3. Select storage & Reset 
  4. Select factory data Reset 
  5. Click on Erase everything 
  6. Confirm Yes 

And your TV will start clearing out all the old stuff. It’s like giving your TV a brand-new start.

Factory Reset using button:

How to Reset Sony TV

If your TV is not responding, and you can’t use the menus, you can still perform a reset by using specific buttons. 

If your TV has 3 buttons: unplug your TV from the socket, press and hold all three buttons on the TV … While holding the buttons, plug the TV back in, then continue to hold them until the erasing screen appears.

Factory Reset using settings:

Resetting older Sony Bravia models is a simple process, so just follow along with me. First thing first, grab your remote, 

  1. Press Home button : it’s usually a button with a little house icon on it  
  2. Press the setting button
  3. Select customer support

Now you’ll see a few options under customer support. We are interested in the factory settings scrolling down until you find them. Once you click on factory settings, your TV will ask if you are sure about this, select “Yes” and your TV will now start the reset process. It’s like giving your TV a fresh start. Everything will go back to how it was when you first unboxed your Sony.

Contact Sony Customer Support

if you are still facing any issue related to Sony TV and you have more questions please visit Sony customer support.

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