Troubleshooting Guide: Samsung TV Won’t Connect to Internet

Problem with Samsung TV connecting to the internet – This is a common problem that many users face. When the TV is connected to the Internet, it not only allows various online content to be enjoyed, but also becomes a medium of communication. But sometimes, it creates connectivity issues, making the TV unable to connect to the internet. In this essay, we will focus on the causes and solutions for Samsung TV Won’t Connect to Internet.

Why Won’t Samsung TV Connect to the Internet ?

Certainly, here are some reasons why your Samsung TV may not be connected to the internet:

• Wi-Fi Related Issues: Internet connectivity can often be hindered due to distance between the TV and the router, unauthorized passwords, or Wi-Fi network problems.

• Network Problems: When there are connectivity issues with the TV’s companion devices, such as a router or modem, the TV may also be unable to connect to the Internet.

• Network Outages: Sometimes there may be a network problem with your internet service provider, due to which the TV is not able to connect.

• Software Issues: Sometimes there are bugs in the TV’s software that can affect Internet connectivity.

• Hardware problem: Internet connectivity may also be affected if there is a physical problem with the TV’s network interface.

Samsung TV Won’t Connect to Internet: Quick fixes

Here are some tips to solve all these problems, so that your Samsung TV can connect to the Internet again. Before anything else, make sure it’s not the Wi-Fi connection that’s the root of the problems. You can try restarting a router and that may fix

Fix it by Adjusting the System Time:

 1. Go to settings 

2. Go to general & privacy

3.  Open system manager 

4.  Go to time 

5.  Open clock set 

Here you can see our clock did not update itself. For some reason, we will manually adjust the time and date and now your network should work just fine. If it still doesn’t work, restarting your network settings can be useful.

Reset Your Network Setting

 1. Go to the menu 

2.  Go to all settings 

3.  Go to connection

4.  Go to network 

5.  Select reset network

Your network setting will be reset to factory default, then you need to connect to your Wi-Fi again and this time your Wi-Fi should work properly.

Change DNS Server

  1. Go to network setting 

2.  Open network status 

3.  Select IP settings 

4.  Open DNS Settings 

5.  Select enter manually 

6.  Set Google DNS Server which is

7. Press done

Check for a Software Update

  1. Settings
  2. Support
  3. Software Updates
  4. Update Now

Reset Factory Setting on Samsung TV

  • press Home button on your remote
  • go to Setting
  • select General
  • select Reset
  • enter the pin. the default pin is 0000.
  • select reset again

Now your Samsung TV will restart automatically.

Also check for

Contact Samsung Customer Support

if still you are facing same issue, then it could be some technical issue. you can contact with samsung customer support.

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