How to Fix LG TV Stuck on Mute

Are you experiencing your LG TV is stuck on mute mode? it can be an unpleasant experience, which can reduce the fun of watching TV. There can be many reasons for getting stuck in mute mode, such as an incorrect press of a button on the remote, a problem with the audio settings, or an error in the TV’s system. we will tell you some simple and effective ways that how to fix LG TV stuck on mute, so that you can bring your LG TV out of mute mode and enjoy your favorite show or movie without any hitch again.

Why is my LG TV stuck on mute?

There can be many reasons why an LG TV gets stuck in mute mode. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Remote button malfunction: Sometimes, pressing a button on the TV remote may cause the TV to go into mute mode. This could include a button malfunction, low button battery, or a problem with the remote’s infrared sensor.
  2. Problem with audio settings: Sometimes, this problem can also arise due to a problem with the audio settings of the TV. If the TV’s speaker settings are muted, or there is a problem with the sound output settings, the TV may be muted.
  3. Software error: Sometimes, this problem can also occur due to an error in the TV’s software. This error may be caused by a lack of updates, or by some other software problem.
  4. Hardware Problem: Sometimes, this problem can also be caused by a hardware problem related to the audio output of the TV. This may include speaker failure, output port failure, or some type of problem with the output wiring.
  5. Incorrect TV menu setting: Not setting TV menu settings correctly can also cause your LG TV to get stuck in mute mode. Many times, TV audio stops due to unknown or wrong settings. This may be incorrect configuration of successor audio inputs or outputs, volume settings, or audio features in the settings.

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LG TV Stuck on Mute: Quick Fixes

Here are some solutions for LG TV stuck on mute.

  1. The first solution is to unplug your TV from your wall socket. 
Fix LG TV Stuck on Mute
  1. Then you need to locate the power button on your LG TV, often located on the back. 
Fix LG TV Stuck on Mute
  1. You need to keep this button pressed for 30 seconds. Don’t let it go

Once the 30 seconds have passed you need to wait a minute before plugging the tv back into the wall socket. Hopefully, this will solve your problem and you will be done.

 If this one does not work, then no problem. We have another option. 

How to Fix Sound on Your LG TV

Sometimes the sound problem comes due to an incorrect sound setting to reset your sound setting following the steps below.

  • Go to settings 
  • Go to sound 

If the smart sound mode is turned on, then turn it off. This could be the problem. 

You can also go to sound out and try other options, try. Try out optical or LG sound sync

Or internal TV speaker + audio out 

If this doesn’t work, then you have to do a factory reset. 

Reset your LG TV to a Factory setting 

If your LG TV is still on mute, then you can try factory reset. Factory reset will erase any custom setting, app data and restore your TV setting to the factory version. Follow the steps below to factory reset your LG TV. 

  1. Go to setting
  2. Go to general 
  3. Go to reset to the initial settings and select it. 
  4. Press OK 
Reset LG TV Factory Setting

It will take one minute and your problem will get fixed. 

If you are still facing this issue, then there could be some technical issues with this solution. You need to contact your technician. 

Experiencing any Issue with TCL TV?

Contact LG Customer Service

if you followed all the steps and still you are getting same issue on your LG TV then you can contact LG customer service.

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