LG TV No Signal Error Fix

Encountering the HDMI No Signal error can be very frustrating, especially when you are ready to use your LG TV and yet you actually get no signal. This problem can occur for a variety of reasons. But the great thing is that it is possible to fix it. This introduction walks us through the main steps that can help you fix the HDMI with no signal errors.

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How to Fix No Signal Error on LG TV

Method 1

  • Unplug all HDMI devices from LG TV.
  • Unplug your LG TV from the wall socket and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds.
lg tv power button
  • Plug back your TV and then plug back your HDMI devices.

This usually solves many problems on your LG TV, so you will be done. After that, If this doesn’t solve the issue, then replace your HDMI cables and try using another HDMI cable, because sometimes the problem is  not your LG TV, sometimes it’s just a cable.

Method 2

  • Before connecting anything, press firmly with your finger on the HDMI port.
HDMI port
  • Then connect the HDMI cable to the TV.

Press with your finger on the HDMI port of your LG TV and press firmly on it because sometimes it get disconnected from the motherboard. It puts some pressure on your thumb.

Select the Right HDMI Port

Make sure that you have selected the right HDMI port so on the back of your TV, each HDMI port has a number 1, 2 or 3. Your device is connected to one of them, for that

  • Press the input button on your remote
  • select correct HDMI port in which your device has connected.

Reset Factory Setting on LG TV

  • Go to all settings
  • Select General
  • Select reset to initial settings

Sometimes it will ask for a password. If you didn’t change it yourself, it should be 0000 or 1234 or 12345 depending.

Why LG TV Has No Signal Error

Here are all the possible reasons for the “No Signal” error on an LG TV:

  1. Cable connection problem: There may be some kind of fault in the HDMI cable or power cable which could cause signal error.
  2. Issues with the source device: Sometimes the HDMI signal may not be received even if there is a problem with the provider equipment (music system, set-top box, gaming console, etc.).
  3. TV settings issues: Sometimes the problem of no signal can arise due to errors in the TV settings.
  4. Issues with the aspect ratio settings of the source device: Sometimes an error in the ratio settings with respect to the provider device can also cause such a problem.
  5. Outdated TV Software: Outdated TV software can also sometimes cause this error.
  6. External interface problem: Sometimes this problem can also arise due to some kind of error in the external interface (such as the HDMI port).

Contact Customer Support

If still you are facing same issue on your LG TV then its time to contact LG TV customer support.

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